About Us

Our Philosophy

At JAG, our philosophy is simple, we use locally sourced fresh ingredients and a farm-to-table approach. You will find us at the Farmer Markets during the summer taking advantage of all things nature has to offer. 

We have a strong belief to create all our dishes from scratch and with love!  We have a saying around the kitchen “if the recipe didn’t turn out you forgot the main ingredient…LOVE!”  

We are so proud to have been serving our diverse clientele throughout the Metro Vancouver region for over 15 years, and we can’t wait to make your next event even more memorable.

Founder, CEO, Executive Chef

Tania Bonkowski

Since her youth, Tania has always been passionate about art and exploring her creative side. And while painting and sculpting have always been a source of pleasure, it was the artform of food that would end up guiding her life’s trajectory.

Growing up, Tania lived in a household where healthy, organic, and homemade food was a way of life. As a child, she would help her parents bake bread, roast granola, and even assist in brewing homemade beer.

At the age of 17, Tania moved out on her own and quickly learned that her culinary skills and creative approach to cuisine were causing quite the reaction in her neighborhood. Her Boxing Day cookouts would often draw a 50 + person crowd. It was at this time she recognized her creative approach to cuisine as an art form that would truly bring people together. Her friends would often exclaim that it was like watching a dancer perform on stage when Tania was in the kitchen.

Tania graduated from the Dubrulle French Culinary Institute in 1991 and quickly found work at Vancouver’s renowned Il Giardino and Il Barino restaurants.

Following a 1-year sabbatical, she pulled up to Vancouver’s landmark nightclub, Richard’s on Richards, in her dented Dodge Dart with not even enough money to pay for parking and requested to speak with the owner. Two weeks later, he was building her a food bar in his nightclub, and The Voodoo Café was born. She ran the café for 6 years, right up until a few weeks before her first child was born.

Tania was determined to start her own company and become an entrepreneur – where she could truly express her unique culinary style. Many banks weren’t interested in supporting her venture, but through tenacity, perseverance, and a dash of stubbornness, she was able to acquire a small business development loan and the rest is history.

With a beautiful 1,600 sq. ft. kitchen, a dedicated team, and Tania leading the way.  JAG Catering has been proudly serving the Lower Mainland for over 15 years.

Local Food

We support local farms, small boutique cheese makers and butchers throughout our region. By doing this we are making sure our clients get the highest quality ingredients in every meal.


We strive to be a positive member of our community by being environmentally progressive and socially responsible. We are now at 98% biodegradable and everything else is 100% recyclable.

Socially Responsable

We have been fortunate enough to develop a system where our passionate staff take prepped food directly to the local food banks in their areas.